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  Whether you're looking for something floral, fruity, woodsy, fresh or yummy, we’ve got it right here! Each of our fragrances have been carefully formulated to bring you the
highest quality aroma sure to please.


Roca stoneware ceramic bowls are hand-cast with bold marbleized colors and filled with distinctive Mediterranean fragrances.

Tide Pool
The Tide Pool collection features frosted, hand-blown glass embedded with small stones with fragrances that evoke the flora of the sea.

Bee Hive
This bee-utiful hand-poured candle features natural beeswax from natural worker bees doing natural bee things.

Unveil your ceramic shibori bowl from the uniquely designed canvas tote to find one of four distinct Indigo dye patterns.

Herban Garden
Fresh herb-inspired fragrances bring out your inner green thumb, but the experience doesn’t end there.

Fragrance Palette
This original new line features fragrances that bring a fresh, modern take to classic favorites. The collection includes pillars, votives, tealights and glass candles.

Spirit Jars
An homage to craft cocktails, this line combines the perfect measure of fragrance, upcycling and the wit of your favorite bartender.

Wax Melts
Bring your favorite scents home with our wax melts! The quality and fragrance you love without the worry of a candle.

Esque Candles (pronounced esk) are created by using our exclusive process of painting glass with shimmering swirls of gold and wax.

Embodying elemental fragrances to create and experience inspired by nature, this new line incorporates beautiful cascades of color in unique patterns.

Down to Earth
An ode to glamorous campers everywhere. This line is made from renewable and recyclable materials for the conscientious camper.

Vintage Opal
The subtle glitz of opals and copper are paired with warm, spicy fragrances. Experience the sights and smells of Morocco.

Holiday Spirit Jars
Inspired by your favorite holiday cocktails, this candle line features three new fragrances that are sure to get you into the holiday spirit!