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  Here you will find a range of quality artisan-made accessories for every occasion, location and style! Be sure to get a quality candle to pair with your favorite accessory!  


These charismatic, rustic accessories create a unique ambience of warmth and comfort in any home decor.

Turn these beautifully colored wine bottles into elegant candelabras and create a rustic chic ambiance.

Candle Tools
It’s good to have the proper tools to help you burn and extinguish candles safely.

Chip Burners and Warmers
Fragrance your home without the worry of a flame with our ceramic Electric Warmer.

These ornate pierced metal candle plates, lanterns and luminaries are inspired by patterns from around the globe.

Pillar Plate
Complimenting the style of our Fragrance Votive Palette Kit, our Pillar Plate is a simple addition to your home decor.

Add a touch of effortless elegance with our Simplicity line. Use multiples to adorn your home.

Taper candles should be burned in suitable holders that will protect surfaces, provide a safe burning environment and hold the candle straight and immobile.

Votive and Tealight Holders
All NLC votive holders will fit our votives perfectly…and beautifully, too!